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Chemical company Taurus-Plus is the chemicals supplier. In order to expand the products assortment and the market outlet, we propose the dealer cooperation for chemical products manufacturers and suppliers. We are the russian leading chemical manufacturers distributors. Taking into account our experience, we are ready to become a chemicals distribution dealer for the countries of Europe, Asia and America. We are one of the leading companies of the Russian chemical industry. The basic direction of our activity is deliveries of the chemical goods and mineral fertilizers.



The geographic reach of our activity covers not only the territory of the Russian Federation, but also the countries such as Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and the Baltics.

We are glad to welcome you on the official website of products chemical company «Taurus Plus», that has been selling chemical products for many years. The company sells chemical reagents for laboratory work, research and for production companies. Also reagents nowadays are widely used in different production, new product development, in oil and gas, construction industries. We offer chemical products of both foreign and domestic origin, provide the earliest possible dates of delivery and complex supply on the regular basis.
If you are looking for high quality chemical products, chemical shops cannot always meet your requirements as they have a limited product range and high retail prices. We can offer you very rare chemical products in any volumes. Our products chemical company works directly with chemical manufacturers thus we can offer lower prices than chemical shops have. Among our Saint Petersburg clients are “Admiralty Shipyards”, Imperial Porcelain Manufacture, OAO “Elektrosila” which proves the reliability of our company.
Apart from selling chemical reagents, our company offer a wide range of industrial chemical products highly demanded in production industry. Working with many Russian industrial chemical production factories allows us to deliver almost any chemical product in the earliest possible dates. Also we pay individual attention to each client and provide rewards for supply agents and managers.
Another work area of our company is selling chemical products to production and scientific companies. We offer chemicals for all industries, including chemical products for disinfection treatment of tubes and drill units and other. As related goods we offer a wide range of porcelain, polymer and glassware for laboratories. Our company delivers almost any batch of produce of chemical products, gums, oils and other substances.



TC-BAR Benzylidene acetone

Appearance Colorless or light yellow solid
Assay(%) up to 99
Refractive Index 1.5840-1.5873
Melting point 39.0-41.


The product is a white to light yellow acicular crystal, slightly soluble in water, and soluble in organic solvent such as alcohol, benzene, toluene

Zeolite 5A

Diameter:0.5~1mm 1~2mm 2~3mm 3~5mm 6~8mm
Pellet:1.6mm 3.2mm



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An overall supply of chemical raw materials and reagents. The main field of our business is selling reagents for chemical research and production industry. We offer chemical products of foreign and domestic manufacturers. You can find any reagents and chemical products on one website!

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